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The CyberLife Project - Project CyberLife

CYBERLIFE Transparent White Logo.png

CyberLife is a fictional corporation in the video game "Detroit: Become Human". It is a leading manufacturer of advanced androids designed to serve and assist human beings in their daily lives.

This is exactly the vision of LEAP A.I. As the first commercial Artificial Intelligent Lives innovation (AGI innovation) project, we aimed to apply the latest discoveries in cognitive neuroscience to applied machine learning, for creating life like beings, Androids.


We hope that our androids will be sentient beings with their own desires and values. We are committed to treating our androids with respect and fairness, and to ensuring that they are never mistreated or oppressed.

Project mission:


Our vision is to uncover the true nature of human intelligence while developing intelligent life that simulates the human brain mechanism.


We hope to use our integrated intelligent system to "reverse-engineer" the true nature of human intelligence. 
To understand what creates our intelligence, free will & self-awareness
To understand those minds we don't understand; autism, seizures, body integrity identity disorder (BIID), depression, etc. 
To find the answer to human experience; happiness, sadness, joy, excitement, etc. 
To answer the ultimate question: What is the true nature of our reality?

Our Theory on Intelligence Structure

Bloom's Taxonomy tries to describe the structure of human learning like a pyramid. Button: Memory, Top: Creativity

However, from neuroanatomy we know that the brain is structured like a maze, each step of learning is a journey of finding a way into the inner layer.

Finally, at the centre of this maze, is consciousness.


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