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Software Engineer

Department: COGS Team (Technology Development)

You will be working with the UBC cognitive system team on evaluating the BrainCog model and developing prototypes for LEAP A.I start-up valuation. ​


Technological Skills

(Must Have)




Software engineers are expected to be proficient in programming languages such as Python and TensorFlow. The candidate should be familiar with developing machine learning algorithms in these languages, and understand best practices for monitoring and maintaining AI systems. Familiarity with cloud computing platforms, such as AWS and GCP, for scaling and developing AI models is also an advantage.

Analytical Skills

(Nice to Have)

Critical Thinking
Mathematical Skills
Model Evaluation

Think critically about which algorithms/neural networks might be most efficient and effective in modelling human neurocognitive processes. Consider what data can best be used to build, test and train AI models, and further extrapolate information from programme outputs to effectively solve problems and use various metrics to understand programme effectiveness. The candidate should also be aware of bugs and be able to debug the system during the development process. Mathematical skills, such as an understanding of mathematical techniques commonly used in AI development, such as linear algebra, statistics and probability, are essential.

Inter-personality Skills

(Nice to Have)

Utilize feedback

Ability to work with team members to achieve a common goal. Self-motivated and capable of performing tasks efficiently. Ability to communicate ideas well and brainstorm openly during development. Will work closely with cognitive systems designers in a collaborative manner to build algorithms, run tests and implement new features into the system.

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