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Full Stack Developer
(Part-Time Volunteer Capacity)

Department: LEAP Frontend Team

Service Type: Volunteer​

Service Project: LEAP CONCIS-E (A.I Education Solutions) for UBC Sauder, with expansion to UBC engineering and SFU in the short term. 


We are currently looking for a talented software engineer specializing in full-stack development to join our dynamic team. In this voluntary role, you will play a crucial role in advancing the CONCIS-E project, improving the user experience and ensuring seamless interaction with our specialized chatbot system.

We are only accepting applications from institutions within the Greater Vancouver District, BC, Canada at this point.

About the project: 

CONCIS – Customized Online Navigational Chatbot for Intelligent Support

While many chatbots rely on large language models like ChatGPT or Bard, CONCIS takes a different approach. We prioritize your privacy and data integrity, ensuring full compliance with local laws and regulations. To achieve this, each CONCIS variant - be it CONCIS-E for education, CONCIS-B for business or CONCIS-G for government - is powered by specialized, localized Large Language Models (LLMs) such as LLAMA-2, Falcon and Mistral.
Each variant can be dedicated to a specific LLM, enabling specialized use cases that go beyond generic interactions. This ensures that you don't just get a chatbot, but a highly specialized tool designed to meet your unique needs.


Current State: The CONCIS-E Series (Education Variant) for UBC Sauder BCom Program

CONCIS-E for UBC Sauder School of Business is a groundbreaking initiative designed to provide real-time academic advising to UBC Sauder BCOM students. Using cutting-edge cognitive machine learning, we provide personalized, empathetic and reliable support to guide students through their academic journey.

This project was offered both financial and practical support from UBC Sauder School of Business. 

Stages of Development: 

Stage I: Personalized Academic Advising for Sauder BCOM Students
Stage II: Expansion Across Faculties with Enhanced Functions
Stage III: University-Wide Transformation, Making Academic Advising More Efficient


About LEAP: 

LEAP A.I. is an innovative student organization based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, dedicated to building artificial intelligence solutions. Our approach to artificial intelligence is visionary and aims to improve education organizations through customized chatbots that are secure and sustainable. We strive to create autonomous and accurate experiences for students while simplifying advisors' lives. LEAP A.I. is committed to pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and incorporating the principles of cognitive science and neuroscience to build sentient androids that contribute to understanding the human mind and consciousness.


Preferred to Have

Ongoing Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering or equivalent experience
Proficiency in front-end web development technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React)
Proficiency in back-end web development technologies (Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB or other relational/non-relational databases)
Experience working with AWS or other cloud platforms
Experience with Git
Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills
Strong attention to detail

More Questions? 

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