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A Powerful Future, Investment in Intelligent Lives

Why Invest in Us?

A Strong Team, Dedicated in Research of Humanity

Such a grand vision will require strong human resources. Our team of founders have profound understandings of the human brain itself. 

A Great Leadership Team, With Wide Knowledge

Most of our founders are from world grade universities and have great experiences in both medical and administrative knowledge. With the ability to coordinate useful resources and professionals altogether, we have confidence in our success. 

Bright Future, A Novel Industry

Androids are the creation of our own images. Facts and statistics have shown that the potential of this market could be unlimited for the multi-purpose usage of Androids, which could assist humans in a variety of ways. 

From long term care to home keeping, teaching assistant to research associates, law enforcement to critical care, and even national service. 

Not Only Profits, But More Commitments

As an enterprise that focuses on contributing to human society, our step does not stop after the innovation of Androids. 

Our plan onward after the foundation of cyberlife, is to apply Android technologies on medical use, e.g., body parts/organ replacement, bio-medicines, genetic treatment methods. 

Education is vital for future development. We will launch a plan to cooperate with post-secondary institution labs, letting students to coop in our company, providing them exclusive opportunities to get a taste of the latest technologies. 

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