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A.I Academic Advising Project

LEAP Press Release

Nov 1, 2023

CONCIS-E for UBC Sauder School of Business, Undergraduate Program

LEAP is thrilled to share a monumental update with our community. Thanks to the generous funding and practical support from UBC Sauder, we have reached a pivotal milestone in our journey towards revolutionizing cognitive A.I. This collaboration not only fuels our project financially but also empowers our team with invaluable resources and expertise.

As we embrace this delightful milestone, we're excited to announce that the anticipated release of our cutting-edge project is on the horizon. In line with our commitment to fostering a nurturing academic ecosystem, we extend an exclusive invitation to all BCOM students at UBC Sauder to participate in our Alpha testing phase. Together, we're paving the way for an educational landscape enriched by truly cognitive AI. AI that understands and supports your academic journey.

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