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Talent Recruiter

Department: Sauder Team (Business Development Team)

Join Team Sauder at LEAP A.I and be part of a dynamic and innovative business team working on cutting-edge AI technology. As a Talent Recruiter, you will play a critical role in attracting and hiring top talent to support the growth of our start-up. Your expertise in sourcing, screening and interviewing candidates will be key to ensuring we hire the best and brightest in the industry. With a focus on results, you will thrive in a fast-paced environment and have a proven track record of successful recruitment.


Technological Skills

(Must Have)

Interview Skills

Selection Skills


Technology Understanding

The candidate should be familiar with various recruitment and sourcing techniques, and be able to use social media and other digital tools for outreach effectively. A solid understanding of technology is essential for this role, as the Talent Recruiter will manage and track the recruitment process from start to finish. The applicant will also be equipped with unique techniques for interviewing people.

Analytical Skills

(Nice to Have)

In addition to technology skills, it would be beneficial for the Talent Recruiter to have strong analytical skills. Experience in creating and implementing recruitment metrics and reporting, as well as the ability to measure and track the success of recruitment efforts would be a plus. This will help the Talent Recruiter to evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies and to make data-driven decisions in order to continuously improve the recruitment process.

Inter-personality Skills

(Nice to Have)

Finally, strong interpersonal skills are important for the Talent Recruiter role. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as strong negotiation and conflict resolution skills, are essential for building and maintaining relationships with hiring managers and candidates. The Talent Recruiter should be able to effectively communicate the company's values and culture and effectively sell the company to top talent in the industry.

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