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Parallel Lines


To the frontier of artificial intelligence,
Where the lines between machine and human are blurred

Proposed Products & Researches


Artificial Intelligent

AILs - stands for "Artificial Intelligent Lives" and is a concept where artificially created cognitive systems have their own ability to make decisions and take actions. We apply computational neuroscience to reproduce human intelligence in a machine.​


Cognitive Neuroscience Research

By applying computational neuroscience to the programming of applied machine learning, we aim to understand the insoluble mysteries of mental problems. 

Simply delving into the field of neuroscience is not the only effective method. Designing an intelligence system could help us better simulate our thoughts.



Androids, so-called humanoid robots, are a creation in our own image. LEAP A.I is targeting this as our end product. 

We believe that by creating these artificially designed intelligent species, we could take human intelligence to the next level. 

We also aim to understand and solve the ultimate law of human evolution through the development of this unique end product.

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