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Products & Researches



The LEAP CONCIS series solution is a customized navigational chatbot powered by a small, fine-tuned language model. It focuses on user privacy, environmental footprint, and accuracy. 


We are currently working with UBC Sauder School of Business to deliver the educational version of CONCIS, CONCIS-E for the UBC Sauder Undergraduate (BCOM) Program.


Cognitive AGI

LEAP is dedicated to applying advances in human brain research to the innovation of artificial intelligence.  Our goal is to create sentient machines that prioritize human interests. 


At LEAP, we take safety measures when designing AGI, from it's training principle, to it's wide use capabilities and application. We are committed to the application principles of AGI.


Neuroscience Research

Creating sentient beings like AGI and androids are not the only interesting things we do at LEAP. We are more interested in understanding the capabilities of human intelligence. 


There are so many unanswered questions about the fundamental nature of human intelligence-the evolution of the human brain, central nervous system, and functional parts. We are dedicated to using our brain-inspired AGI to answer these mysterious questions.

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